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Applied Photojournalism: High school English and journalism students work with Sentinel Publications in a school-business partnership. Students apply the skills they learn in the classroom to the real world. Students are sent on assignment to cover local events, interview people and write feature articles. The classes incorporate the SCANS skills into the curriculum.

Contact Person:
Pam Tatro
Honeoye Falls-Lima High School

Art-as-Work: This program is a School-to-Work Collaboration with Rochester Studio of Fine Arts. High school art students’ skills are enhanced through foundation drawing classes held at a working art studio. Students become aware of the "business/real world" aspects of a career in the fine arts through integration of instructional modules that include the CDOS learning standards. Students learn strategies to link their artistic talents to other career fields and gain exposure to techniques for working successfully in the art world.

Contact Person:
Loree Harpole
Rochester Studio of Fine Arts
183 St. Paul Blvd. #295
Rochester, NY 14604


Career Education Directory: A directory of business contacts within East Rochester that support middle school career education programs. It serves as a resource for middle school students to participate in field trips, shadowing experiences and obtain guest speakers.

Contact Person:
Dan O’Leary
East Rochester High School

Career Internship Program: A year round school-to-work opportunity that provides practical work experience for juniors and seniors. By incorporating the CDOS standards and the SCANS skills into the requirements of each internship, each intern becomes aware of the relevance of school-to-work. Students must maintain a daily log of activities, complete a SCANS Skills assessment, write a formal evaluation, create a display to showcase the internship experience and submit a weekly report.

Contact Person:
Gail Mulkeen
Career Internship Coordinator
Pittsford CSD


CDOS Standards and Curriculum Frameworks: The Curriculum Development and Occupational Skills (CDOS) standards and curriculum frameworks have been designed into a user friendly document describing each standard and strategies to meet these standards. Programs are listed by school-based, work-based and connecting activities. It assists teachers in developing curriculum aligned to the CDOS standards and helps students write reflections on the SCANS skills used in curriculum activities.

Contact Person:
Kathy Heffron
Eastern Monroe County School-Business Partnership
41 O’Connor Road
Fairport, NY 14450

Integrating CDOS Standards Into The Curriculum: Staff in all participating school districts, K-12, have the opportunity to attend a two day workshop where they acquire the tools and methodologies to align classroom practice with curricula, the CDOS Standards and new assessments. They also examine the continuity of the K-12 Learning Standards and the new state assessments and importance of integrating CDOS into all areas. They develop a working knowledge of the New York State Learning Standards focussing on the Career development and Occupational Studies Standards.

Contact person:
Ann Wilkens Leach
Director of Curriculum and Staff Developmen
Monroe #1 BOCES
41 O’Connor Road
Fairport, NY 14450

Living History Museum Project; This project is a unique partnership with the Rochester Museum and Science Center to develop a School-to-Work museum experience. Middle school students study ways in which social studies skills are practiced in the working world through participating in research, writing, and creating a museum in which they are the chief contractors, designers, and curators. The Strong Museum will be included as a connecting activity between the middle school and the Rochester community where the skills of design, research, drafting and public education are practiced. Students will interview museum staff to learn the skills necessary to creating their own museum.

Contact Person:
Jennifer Jackson
Dake Middle School
West Irondequoit CSD


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